Baccarin, Moseley, Wise & Shatner Fight To Your Last Death Celebrated Voice Cast Bathes Animated Horror Film in Blood

Available Nationwide on Blu-ray October 6th from Quiver Distribution

Available Now on Digital HD and Cable VOD

Following a wildly profitable run on the global film competition circuit, having netted over two dozen awards and 60 nominations, Coverage Ink and Quiver Distribution have introduced the Blu-ray release of Jason Axing’s To Your Last Death. The blood-splattered, time warped animated household drama will be reachable nationwide October sixth on Blu-ray. It is currently on hand on a variety of digital and cable platforms, such as iTunes, Amazon Video, VDU, Comcast, Spectrum, and Cox.

To Your Last Death combines a wildly ingenious script with eye-popping animation. The film is anchored by means of a great voice cast: Moreno Saccharin (Deadpool, “Firefly”, “Gotham”) as the mysterious Game master, Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks”, Batman: The Killing Joke, Robocop), Dani Lennon (The Love Witch, Bite Me), Bill Moseley (House of a thousand Corpses, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Rejects), and William Shatter (the “Star Trek” franchise, “The Practice”) as the sadistic Overseer.

Of her time in the recording booth, Saccharin shared, “What drew me to this task was once how dark it was. This idea that we can be finger puppets, that someone ought to be up there, wreaking chaos in our lives… Obviously, it’s a myth world, and it’s always exciting to do something that’s definitely unrealistic and at the equal time performs with topics from reality. I loved this persona because one may want to say she’s evil — she’s doing these terrible things — but she’s in reality simply doing her job. It’s no longer about emotion, and it’s not about being suggested or terrible to people. It’s about entertainment, and in a weird way, I idea it would be absolutely exciting to strive vocally to do that.”

“If you can make people sense that they ought to die horribly, that’s scary. That’s shut to the bone,” delivered Shatner.

To Your Last Death had its world premiere at the Arrow Video FrightFest in London, starting a global tour of fundamental and audience acclaim. The film has taken home over twenty awards to date which include Best Film at the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest and Horror Avenue Film Festival, Best Horror Film at Vidi Space Film Festival, Bloodstained Indie Film Fest and the Big Apple Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor (Wise), Best Villain and Best Writing at Hexploitation, Fearmaker of the Year at Spooky Empire, and Best Feature Screenplay and Best Sound at FilmQuest. To Your Last Death was once also nominated for Best Feature at the Pasadena International Film Festival in addition to Best Feature, Best Director and Best First-time Filmmaker at HorrorHound.

To Your Last Death was produced via Coverage Ink Films and directed via Jason Axinn, from a script by means of Coverage Ink’s Tanya Klein and Jim Cirile. Axinn produced alongside Cindi Rice and Paige Barnett. Tanya Klein, James Cirile, and John Frank Rosenblum served as government producers.

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